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North America is yours for the taking, but you must create a large enough force to seize control. As you expand, you may meet many other civilizations; their factions will often clash. Rise to power and the economic engine of your civilization can provide you with some of the greatest wonders of the world, such as steel, telegraphs, or steam power. This, however, comes at a price—the Empire of the West is expanding at a rapid pace, and you may find yourself playing host to not one but many young, rapidly growing civilizations, each one desperate for a share of your imperial glory. Who will you support? There are several approaches you can take, and your decision will change the course of history! Controls: * Move - You can move your troops around the map. This feature is one of the biggest, most accessible and best used in the game.  * Research - Research allows you to learn new technologies and abilities, as well as a few powerful character upgrades.  * Technology - Each turn you can advance two Technology buildings.  * Buildings - Each game you can build and upgrade an infinite number of buildings, structures, and objects.  * Trading - You can purchase basic commodities and upgrade them as needed. * Military - You can build a Mega-Base, Deployment Zone, Airbase, and more. Game length: 1 game takes about 60 minutes.  Begin a game by clicking on the "Create Game" button. This will bring you to the "Game Lobby." In the lobby you will see the following controls: - Settings - Click on this button to adjust settings for the game. - Tutorial - Click on this button to view the tutorial. - Help - Click on this button to read the help section. - Credits - Click on this button to read the credits. * Note - You can only open the game lobby from the main menu.  * Game Types - Click on the “Game Types” button to select between the various game types.  The game will start in a random map, and you will get ten turns to build up your empire. Short Game Modes: * Classic - Classic * Empire - Empire * Match - Match * Domination - Domination * Adventure - Adventure *




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Imperialism 2 Download Full Version Free gaylfond

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